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The Wrong Battlefield

Theodies Mitchell Jr.

The Wrong Battlefield  is a collection of poetry that describes my viewpoint as I pursued a military career that started during the civil rights era.   There was a struggle within me as I faced challenges from two battlefields, my military commitment and my commitment to my people and me.

Vietnam was complicated for me. Initially I was trying to justify why I was there when I wrote the poem “Am I my Brother’s Keeper?”  But I was a changed man when I wrote “To the World” and “Forgotten.” After Vietnam I had a difficult time adjusting and was sent to Texas to get help with my problems. The poem; “A Country Church in a City Wilderness” describes a spiritual experience that helped me regain control of my life.

All in all, The Wrong Battlefield records my reactions and thoughts on issues I encountered in my career.  The poems were all written with the deep questions in mind.